Spotlight Photographer – Danny Weiss

New York Wedding photographer spotlight goes out to Danny Weiss.


What is your business name?
Danny Weiss

What is your website address?

Do you have a blog, what is the address?
My blog can be reached through my website.

How long have you been a professional wedding photographer?
4 years.

How would you define your style of wedding photography?
Intimate, Bold, Real.

Other then photography what are some of your other hobbies / interests?
Well, being a new dad, My hands are full 🙂

If you had an opportunity to say something publicly to a potential bride what would it be?
Do it your way. Not the way someone else is telling you to do it. Follow your vision and your heart and you will be so proud of the outcome. Also, breathe. It will ALL work out in the end.

What piece of camera equipment you couldn’t live without?
50MM lens

What is your favorite part of a wedding day?

For me, I love the time I get to spend alone with the Bride and Groom. We are going to be capturing images that their kids kids will be looking at. For the couple, I love when they are walking up the aisle after the ceremony. They are finally at ease and just ready to have a great time at their party.


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