Spotlight Photographer – Luke Walker Photography

New York City in da house… Let’s all give a big shout out to Luke Walker Photography for being the next New York Wedding Spotlight Photographer.

Luke Walker Photography
Luke Walker Photography Blog


In the photographers own words:

What is your business name?
Luke Walker Photography

What is your website address?

Do you have a blog, what is the address?
I do indeed have a blog, which gets updated every couple days, and it can be found at

How long have you been a professional wedding photographer?
I’ve been doing this on my own for about 3 years now.

How would you define your style of wedding photography?
Is unique an option? 🙂 I really don’t think I have a style that can necessarily be categorized, it’s more of a blend of styles and influences. Before I got into wedding photography I spent some time trying to break into fashion photography in NYC. I also started doing some assisting with wedding photographers for extra money, and I started falling in love with weddings even more than fashion. The wedding photographer I first started assisting though, had a very strict photojournalistic style. Coming from a fashion background, where nothing is PJ obviously, and mixing it with a purely PJ photographer, started to form quite the interesting style I must say. Over the years I have taken those beginnings and added styles, flavors, and influences from others… and developed a style that I think represents the way I see things.

Other then photography what are some of your other hobbies / interests?
I love music and travel, basketball is great during the “off-season” (I’m always scared to play in the summer in case I got hurt), sports, concerts, and all things fun and new. I think I’m always up for trying and experiencing new things.

If you had an opportunity to say something publicly to a potential bride what would it be?
My message would be simple – “have fun!” One thing that can be frustrating about this field, at least to me, is how many people need to be told to enjoy this process. I wouldn’t be in this field if I didn’t enjoy weddings, but I just don’t see how brides can not enjoy this process. While I’m certainly not one of those people who has been looking forward to the wedding day his whole life, but when the day comes I am going to be stoked to go through the process. It’s such a beautiful time in someone’s life, both metaphorically and literally, and I always say to people when they first start the process…. choose to surround yourself with professionals who are passionate and who love their job. The excitement is contagious and bride’s should be excited about everything.

What piece of camera equipment you couldn’t live without?
Well the obvious choice would be the 70-200mm 2.8 IS lens, but I’m sure every other photographer in the world shooting weddings would say the same thing. To change things up, I am actually going to say the Canon CP-E3 battery pack. This is a battery pack about the size of 2 small wallets that plugs into the Canon flash’s. The pack is one of those things where I had no idea I needed it, until I used it, and then wondered how I ever shot without it. So many times during wedding receptions I would get a good exposure, good exposure, no flash exposure, half flash exposure, and good exposure. This cycle would occur over and over again, because often times the flash just cannot recycle fast enough…. especially if it needs to churn out a lot of light (which if often the case when someone like myself bounces light almost 100% of the time).

What is your favorite part of a wedding day?
Without a doubt it is the portion of the day when I get to take the bride and groom out to do some fun and casual portraits. Some weddings that is only 10 minutes, others I get as much time as I want, but that time when just the 3 of us get to separate ourselves from the wedding and work our magic creating fun portraits…. that is why I do weddings.


1 Response to “Spotlight Photographer – Luke Walker Photography”

  1. 1 CM March 20, 2007 at 4:56 pm

    The article mentioned that he started in fashion and wedding assisting. It would have been nice to hear a little more about his background.

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